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    Mainly used in EVA, SBS, SIS and other hot melt adhesives, solvent- born SBR adhesives, solvent-born natural rubber/ SBR adhesives, solvent-born natural rubber adhesives, solvent- born Acrylic adhesives.

    Specificatons of product:
    - Appearance:    Solid piece, light yellow
    - Color:              <3
    - Softpoint:        85oC
    - Acid value:      <10

    Glycerol rosin ester is refined by rosin through special modification reaction, with advantages of light color, low odor, high rigidity, high adhesive force, good oxidation resistance, heat stability, compatibility and solubility, etc, especially with good compatibility, weathering resistance and tackifying effect in EVA series, SIS series and SBS series hot-melt adhesives. This product is widely used in adhesive, bonding agent, double-face adhesive tapes, solvent glue, bookbinding edition, pack, adhesive plaster, alkene adhesive plaster, craft card adhesive plaster, adhesive tape labels, carpenter's glue, contact adhesive, hot-melt adhesive, sealant, lacquer, printing ink and other polymer modifier, etc.

    Package: Bag PP 25 kg